We’re falling for these fall wedding invitations

Invitations are the first glimpse that guests have into your wedding day, so you want to be sure to set an unforgettable tone. Luckily, this season’s trends are fit to print with harvest color favorites, invite embellishments and dreamy designs.

Color Combinations:

Yellow & Gray: Fall often brings harvesting colors into the wedding day palette and this autumn we’re seeing pretty yellows being paired with grays, a romantic combo for rustic or beach weddings. Beryl from Alee and Press; $2,765 for 100 invitations set (includes invite booklet, RSVP + printed envelopes)


Purple and Orange: A modern take on the traditional orange fall hue, this fanciful color scheme’s bright contrast will have a dramatic effect.  Happy Forever from Wedding Paper Divas; $1.84 each


Black and White: Black and white will never go out of style, but we’re seeing this classic combo in crisp and simple designs for fall, with the stark contrast creating a bold and stylish air of sophistication. Carter from Alee & Press; $1,365 for 100 invitation sets (invite, band, RSVP card + printed envelopes)




Whimsical Watercolors: Delicate and airy, invitations channel their inner Monet this season by flowing florals in fall colors to create the perfect canvas for your wedding day details. Mellow Elegance by Wedding Paper Divas; $1.94 each


Bow Ties: Send your invites off tied with a bow and sealed with a kiss! Regardless of style or color, you can easily incorporate this adorable trend into your wedding stationery. Go modern with a stylized bow design or elegant with an actual ribbon wrapped around the invitation. Skyline from Outvite; $579/100 invitations


Haute Embellishments: Invitations are no longer limited to paper. Creative couples are opting to use other sources for detail delivery, such as invites scripted into fabric or wood, or adding embellishments such as rhinestone buckles and lace appliqués to their cardstock. As fancy as it may look, this style is perfect for the DIYers. Vienna from Carciofi Designs; $20-$40 per set (includes printed outer envelopes, reply cards, printed reply envelopes, and enclosure cards)


Succulent Style: The bouquet is playing a much bigger role this season, decorating not just brides’ hands but their invites as well. Stationery with decorative, succulent-inspired designs is a seasonal favorite. Dreamy Destination from Wedding Paper Divas; $1.94 each


Photo-Friendly: Each season, couples find new ways to infuse their personalities into their weddings and photo card invitations are becoming an increasingly popular option this fall. Whether you and your partner’s style is romantic, silly, or traditional, you can set the tone with the stationery. Imagination (and posing skills) are the limits! Simple Flourishes from Outvite; $142.99 for 100 invitations (including envelopes)


Royally Elegant: The Royal Wedding brought on more than an undying love for Alexander McQueen gowns. Couples are taking a cue from the Royal Family and evoking elegance into their weddings, starting with the invites. Instead of sharp, contemporary angles, we’re seeing a return of the classic script lettering and sophisticated designs such as monograms and crests. Opulent Crest from Wedding Paper Divas; $1.69 each


Orderly Fashion: Designers are making it easy for couples to keep invites organized with European-style pouch invitations. Neatly tuck your cards in these bi-fold invitations without ever wondering if your placing the response card in the etiquettely correct spot. Euro Pouch from Outvite; $605 for 100 invitations (includes blank envelopes and custom seals)