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[dropcap letter=”T”]he Old English rhyme where the “something blue” tradition comes from goes like this: “something olde, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.” Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love and fidelity (and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity, although the U.S. couples have mainly left the coin-in-the-shoe tradition to British weddings). We’ve found a product that incorporates the “something blue” tradition like no other: blue sparkling wine!

Festive moments such as weddings are historically celebrated with a champagne toast. When two people join together in marriage, it’s thrilling and extraordinary. To commemorate the moment, it’s apt to have some bubbly on hand—and not just any bottle of bubbles will do. To really wow your guests as well as make your toasts distinct, look to Blanc de Bleu, the world’s first blue sparkling grape wine.

Blanc de Bleu’s delicate, seductive flavors and fresh aromatic effervescence are enhanced with an extraordinary hue of pastel blue, which it draws from blueberries. Koh Ohsedo, founder of Premium Vintage Cellars and creator of Blanc de Bleu, spoke with Equally Wed to provide us with more insight into the gorgeous beverage making a name for itself around the globe.

“Blanc de Bleu is made with grapes grown in Northern California vineyards, known for their cool and clear breezes,” Ohsedo says. The dry, crisp bubbly offers a hint of natural blueberry flavor. According to Bob Stashak, champagne master for Bronco Wine Company, “the base wine of cuvee for Blanc de Bleu is the same fruit used in Bronco Wine Company’s high-end methode champenoise programs. A kiss of natural blueberry flavor is added to make a subtle impact.” That kiss isn’t overly sweet and doesn’t taste flavored, Ohsedo says. But rather Blanc de Bleu “is a dry, crisp bubbly.”

A Japanese businessman, Ohsedo decided to create Blanc de Bleu after more than 30 years in the food and beverage industry in Japan, and a decade in the development of both non-alcohol and alcohol beverage products. He yearned for a product different than what was on the market that would “help people celebrate” their special moments. “My best idea to achieve this was to create Blanc de Bleu, the world’s first blue sparkling wine,” he says.

The first official launch was November 2009 in Japan, followed by Hong Kong and China in 2011, then Australia, Taiwan and South Korea in 2012.

In 2012, Blanc de Bleu arrived in the United States, first launching in a limited capacity in Hawaii and on the West Coast. Blanc de Bleu’s nationwide debut came in October 2014 with a partnership with Bronco Wine Company, now Blanc de Bleu’s worldwide supplier and marketer throughout the U.S. The blue sparkling wine is available in 750 ML and 187 ML bottles in United States, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and South Korea. It’s sold at major wine retail locations.

“Blanc de Bleu’s visual impact is enhanced by its elegant packaging,” Ohsedo says. “Crystal clear glass shows off the wine’s gemstone blue hue. And this blue bubbly is all contained inside a striking bottle.”

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, Ohsedo says. “Couples have become enamored with Blanc de Bleu. Its beautiful shade of blue symbolizes loyalty and faith – positive sentiments for a wedding or any celebratory occasion. The aesthetics of the bottle and packaging, combined with Blanc de Bleu’s dry, crisp taste make it a perfect match for couples at their wedding.”

Ohsedo cares about all couples being able to celebrate, and he and his company fully support marriage equality. “It is important to us to support LGBTQ weddings the same way we support all weddings. Blanc de Bleu was created to offer all couples something blue in their magical moments. We feel it’s important to support all couples on their wedding day. Blanc de Bleu is a perfect bubbly for the wedding toast and wedding reception.”

Learn more about Blanc de Bleu at or on its custom page for gay, lesbian, transgender and queer weddings.

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