Getting married during the summer or at a tropical destination can come with high temperatures. While you may confuse your sweat with wedding day adrenaline, your guests will be focused on the sun beating down on them. Help family and friends beat the heat with these cooling tips.


As if you needed any excuse to have fruity beverages, cocktails and more at your wedding, the heat is the perfect reason. Make sure that water is easily available to all your guests and that your waitstaff or bartenders keep glasses filled. Offer ice cold drinks and chilled alcoholic beverages. Frozen margaritas anyone?


If the heat at your venue is coming from direct sunlight, provide resources for your guests to help them avoid sunburn, sun poisoning or excessive exposure to sun. Let guests know on your wedding website, social media or in your invitation about the set-up of your venue or that they will be outdoors so they can dress and sunscreen accordingly. Have sunscreen on-hand so guests can easily reapply, or slather some on if they forgot. You want guests to go home with fun memories from your wedding, not sunburn. If your guests are going to be outdoors into the evening, be sure to include some bug spray along with the sunscreen so guests can stay comfortable throughout the day.

wedding sunscreen beat the heat
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Want to avoid all your guests folding fans out of the ceremony programs you worked so hard to create? Pass out paper fans to each guest, or set up large fans to circulate air throughout the ceremony, as long as their sound does not drown out your vows. If both your ceremony and reception are outdoors, offer an indoor air-conditioned space or shaded area that guests can go to cool down. This is especially important if you have children or elderly guests in attendance.

Flip flops

Dancing feet can turn into sweating feet by the end of the night. Offer flips flops in varying sizes for guests to slip on if their aching feet need a break. If your wedding venue is on a sandy beach, having flip flops available to walk the beach will avoid sand from uncomfortably working its way into people’s shoes.

wedding flip flops dancing shoes beat the heat
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Those popular mist booths that people love to run through to cool down at amusement parks are available for rent, and you can offer one at your wedding. If a mist booth doesn’t fit at your venue, you can provide guests with personal portable water bottle mist fans which can cool them down, and double as a favor.