Gloria and Maggie‘s vineyard wedding celebration at Sweet Cheeks Winery in Eugene, Oregon, was a true celebration! They got married on a glorious summer day in July soon after the Supreme Court ruling for marriage equality nationwide, so the two brides incorporated that historical change in their vows. Everything was amazing about their big day, but the energy was heightened due to the excitement for equal love. Gloria did her own makeup along with Maggie‘s. The couple got ready together, preferring to share that special time as a couple.

One element we were especially sweet on about this wedding is that all the guests were asked to bring cookies to honor Maggie‘s home city of Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Cookie Exchange is a major event and tradition for those in Pittsburgh during the holidays. The couple decided to incorporate this fun tradition for their wedding sweets. Yum!

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Ceremony and Reception Location: Sweet Cheeks Winery
Attire: Gloria‘s pantsuit / David’s Bridal; Maggie’s dress / Lena Medoyeff
Food: Market of Choice
Music: DJ- DJ Dan Mo Funk
Photography: Jessica Hill