Wendy + Rahel

Wedding Location: Ontario, Canada

Wendy and Rahel’s breathtaking outdoor wedding took place at the Silver Springs Retreat in Ontario, Canada.

“That sunset in the field, their dresses, their pure love and the most real emotions just blew my mind,” said photographer Maria Vasserman of MS VISION. “They made all of my bohemian-golden-hour-hay-stack dreams come true and they don’t even know it.”

The day included a floral-adorned geometric arch, sunlit haystack photos, an appearance by their puppy, Greta, and dancing the night away beneath gorgeous twinkling lights.

The couple met while working together in 2014. At first, they only knew each other over email, as they were colleagues but in different cities. But soon, Wendy moved to Ontario to join Rahel’s team, and the rest is history.

While celebrating their anniversary in Halifax, Wendy proposed on the beach at Point Pleasant Park. Rahel had already purchased a ring for Wendy, too, and soon proposed right back over a romantic pizza dinner.

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happy, love, outdoor, sunny, holding hands

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Photographer: MS VISION

Venue: Silver Springs Retreat

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