Weddings are magical, fairy tale moments. Often they’re referred to as the best day of a person’s life. When it comes to fairy tales, everything is perfect. When it comes to wedding planning, we hate to break it to you, but it’s not all roses and sunshine. That’s not saying your wedding won’t be the happiest day of your life, but there are a few truths you need to know about.

Food is the most memorable part

Have you ever heard the saying that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach? That saying is especially true when it comes to wedding guests. Think back to weddings you have attended. You may not remember the vows or the what the couple wore, but you most likely remember what you ate and whether or not you liked it.

Guests are especially likely to remember food that is served in large quantities – dessert bars, appetizer spreads, etc.

One other incredibly memorable part of your wedding is your entertainment. That’s not to say you need to hire a magician or bring in the circus (though that would be memorable)  but your entertainment should be enjoyable for your guests.  Think of the school dances you’ve been to. If you can’t dance to the music, or the band can’t get the guests out of their seats, then then it would be a highly memorable experience for guests.


You’re not in control

All you can do is plan the wedding. You can’t control how everyone enjoys that wedding once they’re there. As hard as it might be, you get no say in how people get along, who goes home with who, how much people drink, or if your guests end up eating the wedding cake or just throwing their piece out. It can seem offensive, you’ve put all this work into your wedding, but it’s a truth all couples have to accept.


Your wedding hashtag might just have pictures of your friends

Have you ever noticed the photos your Instagram friends post after they go to a wedding? It’s a photo of them all dressed up, maybe their date or group of friends are also in the photo. The caption reads “Congratulations to the happy couple!” along with the official wedding hashtag. Seldom do the marriers make it into any hashtagged photos of their own wedding. It’s great to have pictures of your friends all dressed up to remember your big night by, but don’t get upset if your hashtag doesn’t include any photos of you and your partner.


Your partner might not care about the details

It might be a hard pill to swallow, but there’s a good chance your partner won’t care about all the wedding planning details you do. That seems to always be the stereotype about couples planning weddings- one partner is invested in all the wedding details and gets upset when the other partner isn’t interested in napkin colors or floral arrangements. Most couples expect their wedding planning experience to be different, that they’ll both agree on all factors and it will be a breeze, when in reality that’s not the case.

The good news is, you might not care about some of the wedding planning details that are important to your partner. It’s that balance that makes the two of you a great pair.  No one can expect their partner to care about every single thing they care about, and wedding planning might just be one of those things.

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