Going to a wedding inevitably means dancing the night away, or at least listening to a ton of popular songs from where you’re sitting whether you love them or hate them. Everyone’s musical tastes are different, after all being different is what makes our world go round. But differing musical tastes can really cause tension between friends. It can be a struggle when you’re feeling yourself to “Single Ladies” but your friend is trying to “Shake it Off” and your aunt just wants to get everyone on the floor to do the “Wobble” together.

Whether you hire a band or a DJ, you as the marrier are in charge of what songs are and aren’t played on your wedding day. If you can’t stand the thought of seeing your parents drop it low to Sir Mix-A-Lot then add him to the banned list and pass that list along to your musical entertainment. IT’s your wedding so you can request what songs be played or completely banned, even if it’s the number one hit song on the Top 100 charts at the moment.

Media company FiveThirtyEight analyzed the results of 182 wedding playlists that were submitted between May 31 and June 10 of 2018 and found the top 48 most banned songs from wedding receptions. We think some of the answers might surprise you.

Our biggest question is, how often are you really doing the Hokey Pokey at weddings? Is that really what it’s all about?