Glenn (he/him) and Andrew (he/him) fell in love while bonding over shared interests, like their love of dogs and affinity for traveling. When it came time to plan their wedding, they knew they would include their beloved dogs, Einstein and Levi, giving their pups gray suits that matched their own.

A person with short brown hair and a beard adjusts his cuff links. He is wearing a gray suit with blue tie and boutenniere.

A white person with light brown hair, a beard and glasses stands with hands in pockets of his gray suit, smiling at his partner.

A dog wearing a gray suit-shirt and blue tie smiles for the camera.

The newlyweds stands facing each other on the banks of a river. They are holding hands and smiling at each other.

Taking interest in each other’s individual passions is one of the things that Andrew loves most about their relationship: “Glenn is a big fan of everything pop music, and I introduced him to the Boston Bruins,” he says, noting their mutual respect and excitement over these interests. The pair of travel lovers knew they were right for each other, but traveling for work helped Andrew realize he wanted to get married. “Being apart for over a month really solidified for me that I had to propose to Glenn when I returned,” he shares.

Two white people with short brown hair and beards embrace, gazing at each other with a green tree in the background.

The newlyweds stand with their two bulldogs, all four of them dressed in gray suits with blue ties.

A welcome sign featuring the couple's two bulldogs, dressed as Superman and Batman, with text that reads: Welcome to Andrew and Glenn's Wedding!

After a whirlwind engagement, the couple celebrated their marriage with tattoos of each others’ initials and a modern ballroom reception in their home city of Boston, Massachusetts. Royal blue accents were featured in their color scheme, tying together everything from their ties and dog leashes to the centerpieces and flowers. Glenn, Andrew and their wedding party took portraits on the banks of the Charles River, with the bright yellows and muted greens of autumn providing a stark visual contrast to the bold blues and grays of the celebrants’ attire.

The newlyweds show off the tattoos on their left ring fingers. They each have each other's first initial in place of a wedding band.

Three elevators with the wedding party in them are at different levels between floors of the hotel where the reception takes place.

The couple's bulldogs enter the reception space. One is smiling with his tongue out, the other is skeptical.

The newlyweds share a kiss in front of the Boston skyline with a royal blue sky behind them.

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Photographer: Nicole Chan Photography

Reception Venue: Hyatt Regency Cambridge

Floral Designer: Central Square Florist

Cake Designer: Montilio’s Bakery

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