Pull off the Christmas proposal of your dreams

Proposal season is upon us and that means many couples will be getting engaged this holiday season. Engagement rings are a very popular gift on couples’ list for Santa, and many lucky people will find one under their tree. If you plan to propose this Christmas, be sure to keep these tips in mind and give your partner the proposal of their dreams!


Incorporate the season

Take advantage of the fact that you proposed on Christmas and photograph it as much as possible. Almost all of local trees and decorations will be lit up all day in celebration for the holidays so head out with family and friends and pose for every photo op. Come December 26 you won’t have this luxury anymore. If you live in a colder climate, snowy Christmas pictures are a must!


Tell those involved

If you know your partner’s family or friends can’t keep a secret, then by all means don’t tell them ahead of time. But if they are involved or playing any part, give them a head’s up, even if it’s the minute before while your fiance-to-be is in the bathroom. For example, if you want the whole family to stop opening presents while your partner opens their big gift, make sure everyone plans to be gathered in the same room, or that they are at least paying attention when you pop the question.


Don’t overstep a big family moment

Most likely, your proposal will be the biggest event of the holiday. That being said, it doesn’t cause all other traditions to be thrown out the window. If you know that your partner’s favorite part of the holiday is to watch the yule log on tv, that their family goes to church every Christmas Eve or that you always eat Christmas dinner at 1pm, don’t overshadow annual events. The proposal will be about the two of you as a couple, but the whole holiday shouldn’t be.


Celebrate with a gift

We know what you’re thinking, that engagement ring was very expensive and should count as your gift. And it absolutely does! But this is your first official Christmas as an engaged couple! Give your partner a “Just Engaged” ornament to hang on the tree and celebrate the big day together.

Happy holidays!

Featured image by Peer Canvas