LGBTQ community - Tommy DiDario and Gio Benitez wedding

Gio Benitez (left) and Tommy DiDario (right), married on April 16, 2016, Photo: Studio Two Weddings


[dropcap letter=”T”]here is a serious problem in how we treat each other.

Hiding behind a computer screen, people think they can torment, tease, and harass somebody for anything they decide is “newsworthy” enough to make fun of. But how can you expect others to accept and understand the gay community, when people in our very own community spew hatred? This is a community that already has to fight harder and louder to be heard and accepted, and yet so many use hateful rhetoric towards one another.

I have been blown away by the support from so many people around the world — from mothers of gay and straight teenage boys expressing how our story of love and marriage has moved them, to helping men of all ages make steps towards coming out, to couples expressing how we have helped them make the decision to get married after being together for years. But I have also received messages from members of the gay community criticizing everything from our appearance to our intelligence. Some have even wished us an unsuccessful marriage.


Here’s something to think about. Young teens around the world consider suicide every single day because they are bullied by their peers for being gay. This is unacceptable and I will do whatever I can to shed light on this horrific problem. I will always try to help, support, and raise someone up in a positive way. Instead of supporting people and being an advocate for human rights, why are some gay men okay with becoming bullies themselves?

I will never understand the motives behind such hateful words, but what I do understand is that this needs to stop. Until it does, these men are no better than the people causing such turmoil and sadness for gay kids, teens, and even adults who are being harassed, bullied, and ostracized for being gay.

I challenge you to realize the negative energy you are putting out there and how you are setting back your very own community for what we all have fought so hard for: acceptance and respect. Let’s focus on being kind to one another, on raising each other up and supporting one another, and working together to continue making strides for acceptance and love. Let’s help everyone find the strength to realize their worth and that they too deserve to live a life of complete happiness.

tommy-didarioThis post originally appeared on Tommy DiDario’s Facebook page and he shared it with, saying, “I have seen far too many times on social media people being treated cruelly, but specifically in the LGBTQ community, one in which we have all fought so hard for respect and acceptance in. I have seen both personally and from an outside perspective members of my very own community treating each other with that same type of cruelty. I have a really big problem with unnecessary bullying and I wrote the above memo highlighting the need for change.”

Tommy DiDario reaches hundreds of thousands of people monthly through his combined social media channels. He is a social influencer, lifestyle writer and advocate for happiness and self-worth. DiDario is the CEO of DiDario Consulting, helping brands and companies in finding their digital voice and identity.

Photo: Studio Two Weddings