When you meet your partner at work you run into the problem of all your coworkers not all being able to take off of work to attend your wedding.  Somebody has to be there to run the 24 hour store.

For Leida Torres and Chrissy L. Slonaker Torres, a couple who met while working at Walmart in York, Pennsylvania, it didn’t feel right to get married without all the people who had loved and supported them since the start of their relationship.

“We both have a lot of really close friends that we call family in our Walmart store,” Slonaker Torres told York Daily Record. “We discussed it with the store manager and the home office so that everybody in our store — everybody that we share our lives with — can be a part of the wedding.”

Who knew that transforming the garden center of a Walmart into a wedding venue was such an easy transition?  Walmart employees set up a tent in the Garden Center and covered the floor with a decorative rug. The tent was decorated with floral arrangements.

Guests and customers cheered on as Torres and Slonaker Torres exchanged vows during the ceremony officiated by Robb Green, know as the “Marrying Mayor” of Jefferson. Over 100 friends and family members were in attendance to cheer on the newlyweds.

“You shouldn’t judge something by the way it looks because there could be a beautiful story behind it,” said Slonaker Torres. “We met in Walmart, we fell in love at Walmart. We could’ve gotten married any other place, but we chose to get married at Walmart.”