Ian, Terry and their Boston Terrier Nibbler tied the knot during an outdoor ceremony under the covering of the D.C. War Memorial. The couple got ready together, playing with Nibbler and then heading outside to do a first look with their moms.

Terry and Ian’s mothers walked them down the aisle. During the ceremony, guests held a rope and passed the marriers’ wedding rings along the rope before they were placed on the couple’s hands.

The indoor reception included a sit-down dinner with appetizers including shrimp and grits and baby back ribs and entree choices including salmon, chicken and a burger. Ian and Terry each had a signature cocktail named after them. The newlyweds went home at the end of the night with the fanfare of a sparkler exit.

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How did you meet and how long have you been together?

We initially crossed paths on an app that shall not be named, and we chatted on that for several weeks. Let’s just say “the internet.” That’s socially acceptable now, right? We first met in person when Ian knocked on Terry’s door at Union Row. A favorite “first date” was sitting on a bench in Logan Circle eating SweetGreen on a perfect summer Friday. Ian moved in with Terry from his home in Baltimore to spend more time together, by shortening his commute and not having to rush back to after work to care for the puppy. We have been together for 3 years.

Is there a proposal story?

Terry CLAIMS he had planned to propose to Ian while we were sailing in Thailand in December 2015, but the hopeless romantic in him never found the “perfect place and perfect time” among all the beauty that is Thailand. Or so the story goes. So, Ian proposed at home in bed one night after we watched a particularly gruesome Game of Thrones episode when a bunch of characters got killed off. Terry initially said “no” and told me to get down on one knee and use his full name (which is quite long). So, Ian rolled his eyes, but then promptly kneeled down…on the mattress. Ian is SO romantic! And Terry said “yes!” the second time.

What do you each like to do in your free time?

Ian likes to hack around on Arch Linux, read, spend time with friends, watch Nibbler (our Boston Terrier) spin in circles, and watch Terry plan our next travel adventure. Terry likes to plan our travel adventures (and bother Ian with too many choices). He’s also a very involved Cornell University alumnus.

What’s one interesting or fun fact about each of you (and anything else you want to tell me!)

Well, Ian is left handed, which is a thing that only other left-handed people seem to notice. Terry is a big a cappella and choral music geek; many of his friends sang with him in the Cornell University Glee Club and its subset, the Hangovers. He sang with the Washington Men’s Camerata when they were nominated for a Grammy, so I guess you could consider him a Grammy-nominated recording artist!

From the couple, Ian and Terry

Equality-minded Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Chris Ferenzi Photography
Floral designer: PetalDC
Hair stylist: Barber of Hell’s Bottom
Ceremony venue:  DC War Memorial
Reception Venue: Marvin

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