The watering hole, the centerpiece of the wedding reception. When you serve alcohol at your wedding the bar becomes a focal point, a pit-stop before guests hit the dance floor. With all eyes on the bar, be sure to dress it up with these wedding bar decoration ideas. You don’t need to break the bank to create a memorable look for your bar.


Don’t let guests miss the bar. Dress it up with a sign, whether it’s one celebrating your names, your monogram or a simple “bar” sign to make sure everyone knows where to find the cocktails.

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Build your own bar using crates, barrels and more objects that can be rescued from a junk yard or recycled from home. All that matter is you have a surface to pour the drinks on.

wedding bar decoration
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If your wedding venue is filled with gorgeous scenery don’t let the bar block all the remarkable views. Use a book shelf or other backless display to showcase all there is to see.

upscale ranch wedding
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As day turns to night, keep the lights on with decorative lighting at your bar. String lights, lamps and Christmas lights all add a bright flair when it comes to keeping the bar lit.

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Inspired by nature

Never underestimate the effect nature can have on dressing up a venue. Ivy, plants, tree branches and more create a rustic feel.

wedding bar decoration
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Alcohol isn’t the only offering worthy of a fun bar set-up. Check out these bars for your wedding that aren’t alcohol.