Here at Equally Wed, we love staying current on LGBTQ+ news, pop culture, culture, opinion, personal essays and more. Here are a few things I’ve read recently that are absolutely worth reading (and sharing).

Why I Needed to See a Queer Therapist (And How You Can Find One, Too) by Rosemary Donahue, them

Broad City’s Celebration of Romantic Friendship and Bisexual Culture Has Changed TV Forever by Riese, Autostraddle

5 Things Suicide Loss Survivors Should Know — from Someone Who’s Attempted by Sam Dylan Finch, Healthline

Associating disability with weakness made it impossible to embrace my autism by Latonya Pennington

For Trans Day of Visibility, 38 Transgender People Sound Off on Technology and Media by Lucy Diavolo, Teen Vogue

‘One Day at a Time’ Was One of a Kind. And Netflix Screwed Up by Canceling It. by Julio Salgado, Rewire News

I Use A Wheelchair & Dating Involves Way More Planning Than It Should by Zipporah Arielle, Bustle

The Enduring Legacy of “Scarleteen,” the Internet’s Best Sex-ed Site by Mariella Mosthof, Bitch Media

Queer Black Muslim Women Are Still Kept Out of the LGBT+ Community by Vanessa Taylor, Wear Your Voice Magazine

Showing Up in Public in a Disabled Trans Body by Christian McMahon, Rooted in Rights