In a day and age where snail mail is on the decline, mailed wedding invitations still prevail. To compliment the traditional practice, more and more couples are creating wedding websites to share all the details from their invitation and then some in order to meet guests where they’re at…online. The wedding website should be listed on your invitation so that guests know it exists and how to access it. Now sure what information should go on the site? Here’s what to include on your wedding website.

Photo via Jen and Margie’s wedding website

Time, date, location

Yes, it was on the invitation. But let’s be honest, most people sent back their RSVP (hopefully), tossed the invitation to the side and now have no idea where they put it. Whether they misplaced the invitation or they simply don’t have it near them, having all the critical information available online means its easily accessible as guests use it to book hotels, rental cars, check the ride share availability near the venue, plug the address into the GPS the day of the wedding and more.

Hotel block information

If you have coordinated a hotel block for your guests, share this information with them and how they can access the discount. Everyone loves a discount, and guests will also want the opportunity to stay near their friends and other wedding guests instead of on the other side of the hotel.


Nowadays, most gift registry shopping is done online. It’s simple and easy; you go to the couple’s registry page, you add the gifts to your cart, you checkout and the gifts are sent right to the marriers’ door. No schlepping, no wrapping, no hassle on your part. Make your guests’ life easier by sharing the link(s) to your registry so they can shop from the comfort of their own home.


This is a matter of personal preference, but if you want to streamline your wedding RSVP process into a digital system, give guests the option to RSVP online through your website. This can be a second form of RSVP if you are including RSVP cards with your invitation, or it can be the sole method of response if you know that all of your guests are Internet-savvy.


Not necessary, but definitely worth it. You’re high on your engagement, you know you and your partner are cute, why not flaunt it? Plus this is a great way to showcase the engagement photos everyone might not have seen yet. Including all your cute couples photos on your own website is much more socially acceptable than filling everyone’s Facebook feed with your cuddly, kissing photos.

Your wedding website doesn’t go away right after your wedding. Add to it after your wedding with photos from the big day, updates from your honeymoon or turn it into a blog about married life. It’s yours to do what with what you wish.

Featured image via Jamie and Jeremy