Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Some days are hard and others are just plain fun. Sometimes your partner just needs a reminder that they are loved, cared for and supported. “I love you” isn’t just expressed in words, but is also shown through actions. Brighten your spouse’s day with these easy actions of love.

  1. Make the bed

    It’s as easy as that. If your partner always makes the bed, or maybe both of you are so busy, you both come home exhausted to an unmade bed. It only two takes two minutes to do something simple like this, but it can change your partner’s whole mood after a long day when they just want to slip into a freshly made bed. If you’re always the one to make the bed, keep on doing it, and maybe your loved one will read this article and beat you to it.

  2. Bring home a gift

    Whether it’s flowers, their favorite treat or something they’ve been dropping hints about, everyone loves a surprise gift. Something small can mean so much and bring a smile to your partner’s face. Just don’t use gifts as a crutch to take the place of an apology when one is needed.

  3. Ask how their day was and how they’re doing

    Don’t accept “good” for an answer. Find out how they’re really doing. Give one hundred percent of your attention when they talk about something that happened at work, what keeps them up at night or an interesting article they read that day.

  4. Leave a note

    Remind your honey you love them with a note that will brighten their day when they least expect it. Write down a reason you love them, a sweet message or a simple, “I love you.” Hide it in their pocket, tape it to the bathroom mirror, stick it to their steering wheel, or throw it in their lunch bag. Notes come with the added bonus of being kept easily and hung on the wall or folded into a wallet for a little reminder whenever you need it.

Photo by Ampersand Studios via “At home denim engagement shoot” on Equally Wed