Is it just me or is it hot in here? With the warmer weather creeping up on us and your Facebook event folder filling up, it’s not wise to procrastinate your suit purchases to the last minute. Everyone needs a good suit, a great suit even. When you’re putting together a spring wedding look, the obvious go-tos are between khaki and navy (both completely passable), with your logic dancing between how you’ll get use out of them again. The key to making a statement at the altar this season is taking the short cut, literally. With a plethora of suited-shorts to choose from, it’s no wonder why anyone wouldn’t want a little leg room. Why not beat the heat while looking cool? Here are a couple of key pointers to getting the cropped-suit look right:

circle_1 Know your comfot zone: If you don’t think your legs are seasonally ready to take on the challenge, don’t make the purchase. If you want to engage yourself in some extra time at the gym, check out this leg work out routine that will have your thighs and calves craving to stretch out.
circle_2 Know your fabrics: With your usual blend of suits ranging from wool to, well, wool, it’s time to embrace lighter linens and cottons for the warmer weather.
circle_3 Color scheme: Seersucker, navy, red, khaki, two-tone, you have options here! Embrace them and embrace your personality.
circle_4 Exfoliation is your friend: Even if you don’t have the time to grab a pedicure, there aren’t excuses to have dry legs. I recommend using Aubrey Organics Invigorating Body Polish ($15.67), which contains rosemary and spearmint oils, leaving your legs smooth and tingly.


Apple Oxford Skinny Suit Jacket ($280); Oxford Suit Shorts ($80), available at Topman.


Commes des Garcons Circle Pattern Spot Jacket ($1,150) and Bermuda Shorts ($540), available at Barney’s.


Lilac Jacket ($140), Tailored Oxford Shorts ($70), available at Topman.

 Marchand Drapier Vassali Jacket ($768) , Shorts ($302), available at

ASOS Slim Fit Blazer ($125.34), Shorts($53.72) available at