Hexagons were everywhere at Molly and Liz’s wedding. The two celebrated their commitment in Costa Mesa, California, with a wedding inspired by the six-sided shape known for being the strongest occurring shape in nature.

The geometric inspiration was worked in throughout the day from the couple’s wedding rings to their venue. The couple got ready and took photos in front of colorful stained glass windows. Liz and Molly walked down the aisle with their parents and exchanged vows in front of a hexagonal backdrop. After the ceremony, guests found their seats by picking up a colorful hexagon name plate.


Color was key in Liz and Molly’s beautiful day. The marriers have a home filled with vivid colors that spilled over into one of the most important days of their life. The biggest burst of color came from the confetti cannon that showered the couple after they were pronounced newlyweds and rained all over everyone at the reception.

Fashion also played a key part in creating the color palette of the day. Molly and Liz wore flower crowns in hues of orange and bright pink and carried bountiful bouquets of matching floral. The couple’s bridesmaids wore all the colors of the rainbow to create a beautiful visual as they stood on either side of Liz and Molly during the ceremony.

A vegan meal was served at the reception before guests hit the dance floor. There was even a silent disco when everyone slipped on a pair of headphones so they could hear the music of their choice as their dance partner listened to the song of their choosing based on what the different channels the DJ was offering in their headphones.

In lieu of a first dance Molly and Liz ended the night with “Fading” by Vallis Aips surrounded by their friends and family with confetti in their hair and tears in their eyes.


Photo via
Photo via "Wildly colorful hexagon wedding in California"
Photo via Wildly colorful hexagon wedding in California
Photo via Wildly colorful hexagon wedding in California



Photography: Third Coast Photography
Wedding venue: The Fig House
Florist: Wild Muse Floral
Planner: The Love Riot, Amber Cowell
Entertainment: Sanni of Dart Collective
Invitation: Fine Day Press
Attire: BHLDN
Jewelry: Derrick Cruz Studio
Videographer: Stav Levy
Officiant: Katy Storch
Confetti cannon: Artistry in Motion
Cotton candy cart: Bon Puf