Looking for engagement session inspiration?

Classic New York City Central Park Gay Engagement

Need engagement session inspiration for your upcoming photo shoot?

If you’re preparing for an engagement session, chances are you have been searching Pinterest boards for inspiration. Engagement shoots should be a symbol of your love and relationship. Whether you’re taking photos as a keepsake or to use in your wedding announcements, incorporate elements of your relationship and your personality as a couple into your shoot. Not sure what to add to spice up your poses? Here are some ideas. 


Add pizzazz to any pose you do with custom made signs.  These signs can be written by you and changed on a chalkboard throughout your session, painted by a calligrapher, or ordered on Etsy. Let your engagement session double as your save the dates by holding up signs with your upcoming wedding date.

Not sure when you’re getting married yet? Include a generic “Save the Date,” sign and use your photos whenever you’re ready.  Depending on what you signs you use, you can even reuse them at your wedding, like these signs from Kymberlie and Kristen’s wedding



Have a love for coffee (or any other food or beverage)? Head to a coffee shop, bar, or restaurant for your photos. Don’t have a specific place you like to order your coffee from? Stay home and drink it on the couch like Cassie and Kayla did for their engagement shoot


If you and your spouse-to-be share a favorite city, consider going there for your engagement session. Take pictures in front of your favorite landmark whether it be a statue, museum, or park. Nick and Kyle opted for an engagement shoot around New York City, from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge. 



Do you and your partner have a movie you just can’t get enough of? If both of you can give the same answer immediately to the question, “What’s your favorite movie?” then consider incorporating it into your wedding. For “The Princess Bride” lovers Katharine and Jada, an engagement shoot based on the movie was a no brainer. They incorporated period costumes and props to recreate scenes from their favorite movie.



An engagement not only symbolizes two people’s desire to get married, it also signifies the joining of two lives together. Whether one of you brought a pet into the relationship or you’ve been raising one together, they are a huge part of your life. Incorporate your pet in your photos by letting them wear a “My parents are getting married,” sign around their neck or by holding them the way James and Alastair did


Colorful walls

If you’re looking for scenery that adds a message or a pop of color to your engagement photos, find a wall that matches your style. Walls and murals make a great backdrop and the best part is, they’re free!  Not sure what type of colorful backdrop you’re looking for? Choose one that makes a statement like Colby and Elyse did. These women posed in front of a rainbow wall with the word “love,” written on it after winning a free engagement shoot from a photographer who was looking to celebrate love and equal rights. 



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