One of the most important people who will be in attendance at your wedding is your officiant. Their tone, body language and sense of humor can make or break your ceremony. Whether you are choosing a pastor, life cycle celebrant or asking your friend to get licensed on the internet, it is important you choose someone who is going to make your wedding ceremony memorable and special. 

Do you have a video of one of your ceremonies?

Officiants play a huge role in setting the tone of your wedding. First decide with your partner what you want your ceremony to be like. Short or long, funny or serious, these are all decisions that should be made before hiring somone to perform your wedding so you know what style to look for.

Reading an officiant’s script off a piece of paper is very helpful, but does not give you an idea of what their wedding personality is like. Ask potential officiants if they have footage of weddings they have performed. If they do not have any video footage, ask if they have any references you can speak to

What is your fee and what does it include?

Of course you want to know what you will be paying, but it’s important to know what you are paying for. Does that fee include a certain distance of travel? How many times do you get to meet with the officiant prior to the wedding? Will the fee cover them helping you get your marriage license? Find out what you are getting before you eliminate an officiant just for their high price. A higher price than competitors may actually be a better bang for your buck. 

What made you want to be an officiant and how long have you been one?

You will only get one wedding with your partner, so you want someone who is committed to giving you the day of your dreams. Find out what their passion is, why they are invested in your big day and if their motivation aligns with what you are looking for.

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