Double proposals have become a very special tradition in the LGBTQ+ community. Whether on the same day or months apart, they are a way for each member of a couple to commit to the other and also experience that heart-stopping moment.

There are endless ways to pull off a double proposal. Some couples discuss whether both members will propose, and others simply surprise one another. For inspiration, here are five double proposals we love.

A Literary Love Story

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Chelsea already knew Owen was shopping for a ring, and decided to surprise him and also propose.

“I spent a few weeks crafting an altered art book detailing our love story—filled with our first emails, photos, cards, mementos, and my own narrative of how our story has unfolded,” Chelsea wrote. “In the back I created a shadowbox where I put a pocket watch, engraved with his initials and a special message.”

Chelsea presented the gift to Owen one morning while the two were snuggling in bed. Owen said “yes,” and they considered it their “half-engagement.”

A few weeks later, Owen proposed back during a beautiful picnic on the beach, where the couple had set up a blanket covered in the books that held special meaning to them.

Two Surprise Engagement Parties

double proposal
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Zabrina proposed to Ipolani in a beautiful way that honored her late father.

“About a year before I proposed, her father passed away and I bought a star dedicated to him,” Zabrina said. “I knew that Ipo always wanted her father a part of the proposal, so I decided to pop the question under all of the stars at Griffith Observatory.”

The proposal was followed with a surprise engagement party, for which Zabrina had flown in friends from all over.

Two weeks later, Ipolani took Zabrina to Disneyland. Zabrina was shocked when Ipolani proposed back in the same spot she once asked Zabrina to be her girlfriend. Following the surprise, the couple went to Zabrina’s favorite restaurant, where all her friends were waiting for yet another joyous celebration.

A Costa Rica Hike and a Lazy Sunday

Monochrome winter engagement session at California sand dunes | Photo by Liz Erban LGBTQ weddings and engagements Equally Wed
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Ernesto proposed to Ulysses after a day of hiking in the forest during a trip to Costa Rica.

“As we sat on the balcony of the hotel, overlooking the massive Arenal volcano, and as the sun was starting to set, Ernesto asked me for my hand in marriage,” Ulysses wrote. “And as the birds outside chirped away and the wind blew a cool breeze on their crying cheeks, I said yes. And it was truly a magical vacation after that.”

Four months later, Ulysses decided it was time to ask Ernesto the same question.

“On a random Sunday in our bedroom, I proposed back to Ernesto. And although we were already engaged, it was still an emotional, wonderful moment.”

An Engagement Ring and an Engagement Locket

Why our double proposal is a celebration of LGBTQ+ pride
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Alaina and Macy dated for ten years before they got engaged, and it was always agreed that Alaina would be the one to propose.

“I asked her to marry me in the mock dedication of a book I’d written while we were on Race Point Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts,” Macy said.

Macy later proposed back in the Muir Woods of California. Knowing Alaina was never into the idea of an engagement ring, she presented a custom rose gold heart locket instead.

“Macey and I made an active, consensual choice when we double proposed,” Alaina said. “It was a decision born out of love, a way for both of us to have the opportunity to share our hearts after a decade together.”

Double Dose of Romance

An intimate mountain wedding after a romantic double proposal | Seas mtns co | Featured on Equally Wed, the leading LGBTQ+ wedding magazine
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Allie and Beth piled on the romance for their proposals to one another. Allie proposed to Beth first.

“Prior to popping the question, she had spent months making a compilation video with some of our closest friends,” Beth wrote. “Over the summer, we were on vacation with my family on a mountain in North Carolina. While I was distracted, she managed to set up a huge projector under this beautiful apple tree and decorate it with lights. At sunset, surrounded by my family, she played the video and when I turned around she was on one knee. It could not have been more romantic!”

Later, Beth proposed back to Allie by lining a path with photos of the two of them that led to a beautiful pond.

“At the end of the path, I surprised her with a ring and kittens. We love that we each got to have our moment to be proposed to, and to bring joy into the other’s life.”