Let’s get real—we haven’t had the good fortune of nearly enough queer TV weddings. We’ve been robbed of so many will-they-won’t-they scenarios that ended before they really began because the show was canceled.

Pretend for a moment that using the sheer power of our collective queer energy, we can will into existence any LGBTQ+ weddings we’ve always wanted to see on TV. Which wedding would be your #1? Here are some of my favorites, not in order.

Amy and Karma, Faking It

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I admit it: I’m Karmy trash and I’m proud of it. I started watching Faking It because I was skeptical of the premise but as soon as it became about Amy coming to terms with her sexuality and feelings I was into it. It’s very unfair that we continue to get more seasons of The Big Bang Theory that no one asked for and Faking It was canceled after three seasons. If we could’ve had more, I would have loved to see Amy and Karma get married (ideally not immediately after high school). Plus, even though neither Amy’s nor Karma’s bisexuality were confirmed, both characters were hinted as being queer/bi and it would have been incredible to see them flourish as a bisexual couple, especially in the face of some of the other characters’ biphobia.

Ian and Mickey, Shameless

9 queer television weddings we still wish we could watch Ian and Mickey Shameless
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Ian and Mickey probably have one of the most problematic relationships and I have complicated feelings about whether they should be together (see also: Bette and Tina from The L Word). But one thing’s for certain, which is that Ian Gallagher did not get the send-off he deserved and was handed a lot of crappy plots, especially in the last few seasons with his character. I like Ian and Mickey best when they’re supporting each other with unconditional love and trust, acknowledging that they both have issues individually that they’re willing to work on. Given that we saw Mickey and Svetlana’s trainwreck of a wedding, we should’ve been able to see he and Ian get married too.

Shane and Carmen, The L Word

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We almost had a Shane and Carmen wedding, but in typical The L Word flair, we suddenly didn’t.(My fiancée was a late-in-life fan of the series and when I first showed her this episode she started screaming and threatened to throw pizza at me.)  GET. IT. TOGETHER. SHANE. I’m not sure if I actually wish they’d gone through with the wedding in that moment because clearly Shane wasn’t ready for that kind of character development, but in general it would’ve been cool to see them work things out. And if Shane is polyamorous—which it really seems like she is—I would have loved to see a healthy, consensual polyamorous relationship on TV.

Willow and Tara, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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I know they were dealing with seriously supernatural forces, but Willow and Tara deserved this. Their relationship was consistently good and they’re still one of the most beloved LGBTQ+ couples on television. I’m not picturing a dramatic wedding for these two (the kind that spans at least one full episode), but more of an intimate elopement-style love ceremony.


Clarke and Lexa, The 100

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Clarke and Lexa have such a dedicated fanbase that Lexa’s death spurred an entire convention, ClexaCon. I never got as invested as I probably would have if I didn’t start watching the series late, already knowing that Lexa’s death was imminent (plus, on a show like The 100, I try not to get too attached because anyone could die at any moment). But they had a lot of chemistry and if there was any place for weddings and happy endings on this show, I would’ve liked to see that. Clarke and Lexa could’ve been a badass, morally gray power couple for decades.

Connor and Oliver, How to Get Away with Murder

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This couple shouldn’t technically be on this list because their wedding served as an eight-episode-long flash forward, but I’m still putting them on here because I’d like to see their wedding in an AU where they aren’t trapped in the HTGAWM universe where everyone dies and everything is tragic. Everyone on this show is morally terrible from time to time, but I still kind of love Connor and Oliver because they haven’t totally screwed each other over as much as a lot of the other characters have. Can we get a wedding for the AU Connor and Oliver who go to school and work and never get entangled in any murders? I know that wouldn’t be possible in this show, but I can dream.

Korra and Asami, The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra had a seriously epic ending by allowing Korra and Asami to get together. Haters to the left, because LGBTQ+ kids and teens do need to see people like them happy onscreen. I couldn’t have asked for much more from their ending, but it would be cool to see a wedding a few years down the line. Korra tends to make spontaneous decisions, so I could see her popping the question during an emotional moment instead of planning it.

Poussey and someone who loves and supports her, Orange Is the New Black

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We didn’t get to spend enough Orange Is the New Black screentime on Poussey and Soso’s relationship for me to completely fall in love with it or see if it could thrive after the two got out of Litchfield. But Poussey is seriously such a romantic and she deserved so much better than the ending she got. In my AU, Poussey gets out of Litchfield and connects with a woman who treats her well, whether it’s someone from her past or someone new.

Spencer and Ashley, South of Nowhere

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If there’s a theme here, it’s that I adore the friends-to-lovers trope, but hey. Until we have a ton of LGBTQ+ versions of this trope, I’m here for it. We deserved to see Spencer and Ashley get married after everything they went through. We know they get married because of the ‘Five Years Later’ webisode but this is a wedding I want to see onscreen, even if it’s a multi-episode arc with lots of drama (it wouldn’t be South of Nowhere without some drama).