Alfred Angelo closedImagine having picked out the wedding dress, veil or wedding party outfits of your dreams, only to find out that you won’t be receiving them and possibly won’t be getting your money back either. That was the shock that hit couples everywhere when the wedding industry was rocked by the news that famous wedding dress chain Alfred Angelo closed its doors nationwide without warning.

The retailer has been around since its founding in 1933 by Alfred Angelo Piccione and Edythe Vincent Piccione. Between standalone Alfred Angelo stores and other Alfred Angelo retailers, their dresses were sold in over 800 locations

According to an article on, employees of their corporate office were all seen leaving with boxes of all their belongings.

“By Thursday afternoon, the company’s Delray corporate on the fourth floor of a building on Congress Avenue at Linton Boulevard, was void of employees,” shared “Palm Beach Post.” Some offices still had desks and supplies and framed posters of wedding dresses hung on the walls.

“An employee of another business on the first floor, which faces the main entrance to the building, described a ‘mass exodus before lunchtime.’”

“Everyone left one-by-one with cardboard boxes, plants,” said the employee, who asked not to be named. ‘One of them said it they were all fired today … It was so bizarre.’”

What has caused the most frenzy is the lack of answers. No official word has gone out from the company, leaving many wondering if they need to scramble for a new dress for their wedding. Despite the lack of announcement, the website  is still active, promoting an extended “Grab it and Go” sale (which now makes sense) while confusingly also showcasing the new fall collection. In fact, we were able to use the online appointment scheduler to set up a two hour “New Bridal Appointment” for next Tuesday at an Alfred Angelo store in Whitehall, PA. Good thing we know better than to show up.

Alfred Angelo has not posted any new content on any of its social media channels since July 11. The comment section on its last photo on Facebook, a photo of a mermaid dres, has now become a message board of sorts for panicked customers everywhere. Rumors are spreading from those who were lucky enough to get in touch with someone at a retail location prior to closing their doors at 8 p.m. Thursday. The biggest consensus being drawn? Hire a lawyer, because it appears that Alfred Angelo has no intention at this time of refunding money or ensuring that previous dress orders will be fulfilled.

Our thoughts are with all of those who became unemployed without warning and those whose weddings have been impacted. If you have spoken with an Alfred Angelo employee, comment below. We’d love to hear your experience.