Israeli-born American Idol contestant Jorgie came out as gay during his audition. He came in wearing army fatigues and a pink fur coat, accompanied by his own band, Jorgie and the Jorgies.

Jorgie began by imitating judge Katy Perry’s singing voice in “California Gurls.” Then he explained that he’d recently come out and was partially inspired by Perry to do so.

“You were actually one of my inspirations growing up. Listening to ‘I Kissed A Girl’ and knowing that it could be mainstream—that helped me so much,” Jorgie said.

The episode was also his way of coming out to his father. “He doesn’t know anything about me,” the contestant explained. “He’s gonna see me and he’s gonna find out about everything.”

After, he launched into auditioning his original song, “Heaven,” which he wrote about a boy he liked.

“I wrote this song about a guy that I liked, but he didn’t know cause I wasn’t out. It was just like, ‘My life would be heaven if you knew that I liked you,’” Jorgie explained.

Jorgie nailed his audition, and all three judges gave him the yes to go to the main stage in Hollywood.

“When I say you nailed it, I mean, to the point of in awe. I love what you just did,” judge Lionel Ritchie told him.

Katy Perry’s parting message for Jorgie was, “We love you just the way you are.”