Apple is taking a further step towards equality with its release of emojis available with the latest iOS update. The update will include three gender neutral emojis – a child, an adult and a senior citizen.

Gender neutrality is the largest step toward inclusivity Apple has taken since its release of racially diverse emojis in early 2015. Like most other human emojis currently available, users will have a choice of hair and skin color for their gender neutral emojis.

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In addition, the new emojis will include a woman with a hijab, a fairy and the American Sign Language symbol for, “I love you.”

gender neutral emojis

Also on the release is an orange heart emoji. On its own it doesn’t sound like much, but knowing that we can finally express our pride effectively with a complete rainbow of hearts makes us happy.

gender neutral emojis

The emojis are part of the iOS 11.1 update for iPhone and iPad users.