Where better to take engagement photos than where you’re most comfortable? For Alesha and Jenny, home was the place they wanted to be to capture the essence of their relationship. The couple matched in white tank tops and denim jeans with holes. The two posed in bed and in their kitchen as they prepared meals. The two shared lots of laughs and expressed their love by stealing lots and lots of kisses from each other throughout the session that were captured on camera. 

From the photographer, Ampersand Studios: Jenny and Alesha love to snuggle up together more than anything so that’s what we did for their engagement session. Also, Alesha is a personal trainer and nutritionist so some meal prep is a big part of their routine as well. I got to hang out and snap a few lifestyle shots of their everyday. It’s clear they’re CRAZY for each other in this session!

LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors

Photographer: Ampersand Studios

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

equality-minded LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors