Wedding cake toppers are a great way to showcase personality and highlight your wedding aesthetic. From simple floral decorations to custom figurines, there are infinite options for LGBTQ+ marriers to bring their vision to life and potentially keep an extra souvenir of your wedding day. No matter your vision, you can find just the right one here!

Pop culture cake topper

Let your fandom shine with a cake topper inspired by your favorite pop culture stories! Whether you and your love are obsessed with Star Wars or the LOTR universe, you can give a nod to that lore without theming your whole wedding around it by incorporating your favorite characters into your cake decor.

Monogram topper

Add an elegant flair to your cake with your initials. Custom monogrammed cake toppers are a great way to celebrate your new shared initials or commemorate your love like you would on a tree trunk. Consider this option for a sleek and classic look!

Figurine cake topper

Try a twist on a classic cake topper with customized figurines of you and your partner. Whether you go with Funko Pops or ceramics, this personalized element is sure to set off waves and makes for a sweet piece of decor to gaze at fondly for years to come.

Simple cake topper with rainbow layer cakes

If you’re going for a rainbow cake (a popular choice for queer weddings), consider an ultra-simple topper to contrast with the bold colors of the inside of the cake. You could select a phrase or symbol that is especially meaningful to you, or you could just find something that fits your wedding aesthetic. Either way, a simple topper will emphasize the colorful center once you make the first cut.

Rainbow cake toppers

Want to up the ante on your Pride decor? Going for a rainbow cake topper screams, “we’re here, we’re queer, now let’s eat cake!” The options are numerous, from intricate and small hand-crafted pieces to more extravagant arches of color. Find the best fit for you!

Natural cake topper

For minimalist, nature-inspired weddings, consider natural elements as your cake topper.Whole spices like cinnamon and sage, or greenery such as pine and wood can be great options, but be mindful of allergies and food safety when planning with your cake maker.

No-topper cake topper

Ready to make a statement? Ditch the cake topper altogether in favor of a rainbow geode cake or a surprise candy center. This option is great for a maximalist aesthetic or anyone leaving behind the tradition of saving part of your cake to eat on your anniversary.

Featured image by Theo Nash Photography