Black doesn’t seem to be the color people many people associate with weddings, but more and more people are incorporating the color into their cake decor, and sometimes their other food offerings.

The black food trend started off when black ice cream hit Instagram, complete with a black cone. Black ice cream is typically made with activated charcoal, which is what gives the food its incredibly dark color.

Come over to the DARK side, with charcoal ice cream & a charcoal waffle cone! đź–¤ at @little.damage we make everything fresh daily!

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The black food trend has transferred over to cake, with black wedding cake popping up at more and more weddings. Black decorations can be achieved with fondant, creating different imprints, designs and more. Black can also create a chalkboard look, making the cake a canvas for writing and decoration.

black wedding cake
Photo via Chic Vintage Brides

The black cake trend extends beyond cake decorating, all the way to the inside of the cake! Much deeper in color than chocolate, black velvet cake is as dark as midnight, and makes a beautiful contrast with white frosting.

black velvet cake
Photo via Erin Bakes

Black wedding cake comes with a health disclaimer though. Many black foods are created using active charcoal. If you are serving food containing active charcoal, be sure to educate your guests about its effects. While it is deemed safe for consumption, eating charcoal can make birth control less effective.