We fell in love with Simone and Fabio at first sight. They are extremely funny, kind-hearted and easy going. We share the same passion for the outdoors, for hiking on hills and mountains, for great food and for fantasy novels.

They are so much in love and they complete each other in a very profound way, there’s a connection between them that it’s almost tangible.

They wanted to celebrate their love with an intimate outdoor couple session, so we went hiking through the woods and the hills near Bologna, Italy. The weather was terrible but it gave the pictures a very intimate feeling, an atmosphere suspended in time and space, and while we were shooting we discovered a small frozen lake where we sat, chatted and drank hot tea… and obviously took some pictures.

During the shooting they started planning their wedding, they have something big, edgy and spectacular on their mind and we can’t really wait to capture that chapter of their adventure! This photo session started as a very small and intimate celebration, a gift they gave to each other, but it turned into plans for the future, something much bigger they can’t wait to start.

From the photographer, Rock’n’Roll Weddings

   Bologna, Italy engagement photography session



Photographer: Rock’n’Roll Weddings
Venue: Luminasio (BO), Italy