Bianca and I had been dating for two years and living together for a year and a half. We had known marriage was in our future almost immediately. It was honestly love at first sight for me. She just makes me laugh so much and makes life so bright!

While we are both very feminine, Bianca is the more athletic one and often referred to as “the guy” of the relationship. Something that has always bothered both of us.

When we started talking more seriously about getting engaged, Bianca requested that I do the proposing so as not to fit into society’s stereotyping of us. I took on the role excitedly, not knowing how difficult it would be.

How do you keep a secret from someone you share everything with? In doing so, I made it painfully more obvious. Luckily, Bianca was such a good sport and didn’t ask me knowing my face would give away the answer before my mouth could.

I worked alongside a family jeweler and created the perfect custom ring for Bianca while also choosing one for myself based on what she had previously chosen for me. As soon as the rings were ready, I picked them up and put my plans into action.

I told Bianca that we would be going on a date: manis, drawing on our bridge and dinner. As if the manis weren’t a dead giveaway, but I was already certain she knew what was up.

When we arrived at our bridge, I asked Bianca to close her eyes. Using purple chalk I wrote “marry me” on the bridge. Then stood before her with her ring when telling her to open her eyes.

We were all giggles. Something we had only spoken about for our entire relationship was manifesting at that very moment. We embraced one another so tightly and stared at our hands. Newly adorned with beautiful bling.

After a few calls to long-distance family, we met our immediate family members and closest friends for dinner to celebrate. The entire weekend was full of smiles and hugs.

From the nearlywed, Kim

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Photographer: Brittany Bowen Photography
Location: Belgatos Park
Jewelry: R & J Jewelry and Loan