While studies show that Britain might be ready for a same-sex royal wedding, we sadly won’t be seeing one on television any time soon. To tide us over until we can see an LGBTQ+ royal wedding join the ranks of Will and Kate and Harry and Meghan, we’ve found the perfect solution.

“Prince & Knight” brings all your royal wedding fantasies to life in the form of an illustrated fairy tale book. Written by Daniel Haack and delightfully illustrated by Stevie Lewis, the story follows a prince whose parents set out to find him a princess. No matter where they look, they can’t seem to find the girl for him.

"Prince & Knight" brings same-sex royal wedding dreams to life - Equally Wed

"Prince & Knight" brings same-sex royal wedding dreams to life - Equally Wed

“‘Thank you,’ he told his parents. ‘I appreciate that you tried, but I’m looking for something special in a partner by my side.'” writes Haack.

During their trip to find a princess a dragon threatens the royal family’s land. The soldiers flee and the prince rushes to save the kingdom. When he returns he is met by a knight in shining armor and the two defend the kingdom together as the prince finds what he’s been looking for all along.

“Prince & Knight” is described by School Library Journal as, An illuminating fairy tale for young readers to be able to see that not every prince would like to marry a princess.”

The book is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.