Ever wonder how to design a wedding reception dessert table with expert skill but for a fraction of the price? You can be your own Amy Atlas (the queen of the dessert table for parties and weddings) with the right elements and planning. 

DIY wedding reception dessert table

Step 1: Set up your table
* Different heights and angles look stylish and allow easy access to all the desserts
* Props fill in empty space so use items such as metals branches, confetti and lanterns for a chic look
* Use a variety of plate and cup shapes

DIY wedding reception dessert table

Step 2: Add visual flair
* Choose plates that complement your color theme. If the desserts are vibrant, go with simple white or muted hues. If your desserts are chocolate, colorful plates are a great accent.
* A variety of desserts is nice, but consider the number of guests. More isn’t always better since you won’t want leftovers. 
* Spruce up your desserts and charm your guests by adding metallic straws and confetti or small banners.

DIY wedding reception table basic elements
Step 3: The details
* Label desserts or write sweet messages
* Use printable cupcake labels, cake toppers and flags to add a fun element

Step 4: Build your backdrop
* Use one of these three spectacular backdrop DIYs for affordable options that all take under two hours!


DIY wedding reception dessert table pom pom flowers
DIY wedding reception dessert table yarn bannerDIY wedding reception dessert table crepe banner

Visuals and instructions courtesy of Shari’s Berries.