Intimate woodsy DIY fall wedding at Wellspring Spa 

Intimate woodsy DIY fall wedding at Wellspring Spa

[dropcap letter=”S”]eattle sweethearts Audrey and Krista’s intimate woodsy DIY wedding at Wellspring Spa was a perfect reflection of their relationship: understated, quiet, personal and very much their own creation. Their wedding focused on what was most important to them: each other.

Dressed in a light gray suit and an ivory wedding gown, Audrey and Krista walked down the aisle together—just the two of them. The flowers, catering, set up was all DIY. Like many lesbian weddings, Audrey and Krista’s was infused with their personalities. Focusing on what was most important to them and that’s each other and their relationship was most important. They shared an intimate first look in the woods before their ceremony. After they tied the knot, they had dinner with close family and friends at a reception that they designed themselves. (We are in love with the lace runner!!!)

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Photographer: Wiley Putnam Photography
Ceremony and Reception Venue:
 Wellspring Spa 

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