It’s a wedding scene straight out of a movie. The officiant asks if anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in holy matrimony, which always ends with the signature, “speak now or forever hold your peace.” Someone stands up to object, the panic ensues and sometimes, if the movie is really bringing the drama, one of the marriers will run off with the objector.

This is not a scenario frequently seen at weddings in real life, especially since that line is often omitted from weddings entirely. That’s why guests were so taken aback when this scene came to life during Peter McConnachie and Peter Deaville’s wedding at St. Luke’s church in Glasgow, Scotland.

Upon asking if anyone objected to their marriage, queen Cherie Trieffel came bursting through the door, creating a scene. Trieffel waved her purse through the air, wearing sunglasses, a suit jacket and underwear. Prancing up and down the aisle, Treiffel lip synced along to the 1960s song“It Should Have Been Me” by Norma Whitfield.

Luckily for the safety of the guests, the couple had arranged this stunt which is why they were not as phased as others by the fact that the uninvited guest was beating them with her handbag. Not even the officiant was let in on this plan, and it was truly a memorable surprise for everyone.

It’s a video you’ll just have to see for yourself.


Absolutely brilliant day at Peter Deaville and Peter McConnachie wedding from this start to finish………

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Posted by Graham Cole on Sunday, July 8, 2018