It all began with Facebook. Chris had added me on Facebook and I accepted, knowing I’ve seen him out and about at the local gay bar.  We then decided to go to a movie, “The Social Network,” the movie about how Facebook started. How fitting. It was a bit awkward at first with me being a young 25 and Chris only being 22. He kissed me on the cheek at the end of the night and I of course thought he was just being nice and had no intentions of calling me again.

After almost 8 years of being together, we know what works for us. We have a lot of similar things in common but also are very different. We watch a lot of television together, The Real Housewives of anything is our go to.  When Chris isn’t cooking some new dish (which is something he loves to do and I love to eat) we love to try new restaurants! Doing day trips to wineries, NYC and the beach.  As for clothing, if we can match in some sort of way, we most certainly will.

I think I knew Chris was the one when we would fight (yes, everyone fights, but we didn’t want to give up on what we shared and we both were willing to compromise, agree to disagree. We aren’t perfect and we know that. Everyone has their flaws. If you truly want to be with this one person you will make it work, no matter what.

The proposal was a surprise. I really wanted to keep it quiet and low key. I know a lot of people like big extravagant proposals, but I for one wanted to keep it simple, it means more to me. On Christmas Eve of 2015, in front of our really tiny Christmas tree, the last gift I gave him was the ring and I asked him to marry me after having two martinis (I was very nervous).

From the marrier, Myles


Photographer: Erin Joyce Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights