It’s not secret that in today’s society, there’s no escaping emails. We get work emails, junk emails, store emails, friend emails and many more. Some people are great at managing an inbox of zero, while others let their emails pile up into the thousands. With so many emails, it can be easy to miss the important ones, buried among the ones you signed up to get but don’t really want anymore. Now imagine adding wedding planning emails into the mix, and your inbox will be on overdrive.

The solution to your email overwhelm? Create an email strictly for your wedding. Share it with your partner, use it to communicate with vendors, guests and family about wedding-related matters. Even if you hate email and prefer to work everything out over the phone, we still recommend planning your wedding with vendors over email. This will create a paper trail of communication in addition to your final signed contract in the event that something does not go the way it is planned.

Visiting a wedding planning expo? Use your wedding planning email. Companies you are interested in may email you for months (or years) to come, even if you choose not to use their services for your wedding. Don’t make the mistake of signing up at all the booths with your personal email, or your inbox will be flooded forever. Instead, use your wedding planning email, and go to town signing up for all the information you want.

For an even cleaner inbox, create one planning email just for vendors, mailing lists and more info, and one wedding email for RSVPs, guest inquiries, and communication with the vendors you’ve actually hired. This will streamline your wedding planning process by keeping the planning away from your work or personal email, and also put RSVPs and critical wedding communication at the top of your inbox for when you’re ready to get to it.

Having a wedding-specific email takes only a few minutes to set up, organizes your wedding planning and creates less stress.

Once you’ve created your wedding email, be sure sign up for Equally Wed’s free wedding planning tools including checklists, guest manager and a complete budget manager to help make your wedding planning easier than ever.