Barn wedding in Burlington, Vermont

Heather and Casey married near where they live in Vermont. Their wedding ceremony and reception took place in a rustic barn in Burlington. This wedding featured several DIY touches: Casey and Heather designed their own wedding invitations, created their own floral arrangements and did their own music for the wedding. Their theater and brewing decor was inspired by Casey’s career as a brewer for Alchemist Brewery and Heather’s career as an actress.

Family and friends were in attendance for the big day, and both Casey and Heather were escorted down the aisle by their fathers. The newlyweds were surrounded by their wedding party, termed “brides people,” and married by their friend. Guests celebrated the wedding inside the barn, and danced the night away.



Photographer: Timothy Etsey Photography
Wedding venue: Intervale Barn
Catering: Smoking Butts BBQ
Jeweler: Alchemist Jewelry Arts
Officiant: Heather McCoy