Honey Maid responds to anti-gay backlash by releasing a heartwarming commercial in response.


Last month, Honey Maid released a commercial that celebrated the LGBT community. The commercial featured a plethora of diverse families, including everything from showing two men raising their baby together to a tattooed dad playing drums with his daughters. The tagline was “This is Wholesome,” and why not? Families—and love—are wholesome.

Here’s the original video:

Not surprisingly, the company received a lot of anti-gay backlash from anti-gay organizations like One Million Moms and the American Decency Association. In the true fashion of love, Honey Maid responded to the hatred with another commercial, this time using the theme of “Love.” 

The new video features a message from the company talking about the negative comments that were received, and, well, you’ll just need to watch the rest.


Photo: Wikipedia