If you’re carrying the traditional handheld wedding bouquet, it’s natural to want to race up the aisle with it close to your belly or chest, especially if you’re nervous. (A given since you’re the center of attention!) But this is not the way it’s supposed to be carried, and you’ll be hiding most of your gorgeous gown or suit that everyone wants to see.

Instead, carry it as low as you possibly can with your shoulders still held back. Gracefully glide up the aisle. Keep your elbows straight and your hands at your waist so that the bouquet is in line with your hips. 


Now, any bride (or groom!) who has already picked met with their florist and actually *held* a trial version of his or her bouquet or held a friend’s bouquet knows how heavy these things can be. If you’re not willing to swap out some of the heavyweight flowers for some lighter flora alternatives, be ready for some sore forearms on that short walk down the aisle. It’ll be over in the blink of an eye and so worth it for the photos. 


Photos: Lauren Crew PhotographyAaron and Jillian Photography