My fiance and I took a relaxing camping trip over the long Memorial Day weekend. We rode our bikes, hung out by the pool and went downtown for dinner and drinks. After dinner one night Felicia, my fiance, suggested we go watch the sunset over Lake Michigan at Oval Beach. I was reluctant at first since we have seen the sunset over Lake Michigan hundreds of times and I wanted to get back to the campsite for fire and wine, but decided to go since it was our last night and the sunset is beautiful. We got to the state park and walked along the beach.

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She took a Snapchat video asking me if I liked long walks on the beach in which I replied sarcastically with, “Yes, I love long walks on the beach – so romantic,” and rolled my eyes. As the sun was setting, she suggested we take a picture together with the sunset in the background. I love pictures so I agreed. She set up her phone to what I thought was a 10 second delay for her to run down to pose for the photo. Once her phone was set, she ran down to me and I started to pose for the picture and she wasn’t posing. I didn’t know what she was doing, but knew that the 10 seconds was up. She then turns to me and starts to tell me how we are perfect together and how she wants to spend the rest of her life with me.

At that moment, I knew exactly what was going on, she was proposing. She nervously got down on one knee, opened the box and presented the ring to me, upside down. I told her that I would only say yes if she turned the box right side up and got off her knee (I’m not one for the cheesy proposal). Come to find out, instead of setting her phone to a 10 second delay, she set it to record and got the entire proposal on video – including the first ten seconds of us fumbling around trying to get into the right pose. She also spent the entire day Snapchatting me candidly and adding narratives about how perfect and beautiful I am and how she was going to ask me to marry her. Her Snapchat story ended with a video of us after the proposal and her saying “Oh my God, you guys, she said yes!”


Vendor Credits

Photography: Mallory C. Photography
Venue: Oval Beach, Saugatuck Michigan