Las Vegas celebrates love in their latest commercial turned mini-movie, “Now and Then.” The heartwarming video follows a couple in love as they walk through the Vegas strip, talking about their relationship. Flashing back, we see the moment the couple met at a Las Vegas club which turns into them spending time together throughout Las Vegas and discussing the possibility of a future together.

“We are going to be together forever.”

“You just met me.”

“Trust me. I know these things. It’s a gift.”

Flashing back to “now” the lovers discuss the idea of getting married in Las Vegas on a whim, but the idea is shut down because their family isn’t around to witness.

The outcome? Well you’ll just have to watch for yourself. Be sure to grab some tissues before you press play.

A shortened version of the video plays on prime time television and the full-length version has already been viewed over 1.1 million times on YouTube within a week of release.