From the couple, Alyssa & Ashley: Our paths first crossed in 2012. We were living in two completely different parts of the country (Philadelphia and Atlanta), but we had a lot of similar interests and actually stumbled across each other’s blogs online. We exchanged a few messages, but nothing ever really came of it. We continued to follow one another’s blogs, and several years went by. We moved, had ups and downs, and grew up a little. In early 2015, we messaged each other again, exchanged numbers, and before you know it, we were talking every day. However, the distance was definitely a problem, but with the help of the internet, we found ways to get around the miles and spend time together. We would have Netflix movie nights, Skype dates, play games together, and sometimes sushi dinner nights.

Flash forward a few months, we booked flights to see one another in person for the first time. That moment our eyes met initially was like a scene out of a movie. Time literally stopped as the escalator slowly brought us together for the first time in the baggage claim area of the Boston airport. Our first weekend of ACTUAL dates was spent in Boston and Salem and we couldn’t have picked a better location to fall in love. We spent the next few months taking trips back and forth, but ultimately decided that living in two places just wasn’t going to work for us.

Our first apartment together was a tiny studio in the eclectic Atlanta neighborhood of Little Five Points. If you can live in 423 square feet with two cats and a dog and still get along, you’re definitely meant to be. We got engaged while living there, and it’s a really special place for us. Even though we have since moved, it will always be our “home.”

Speaking of engagements, February 27th, 2016 started out as your typical exciting day at Disney. We were touring EPCOT that particular day, and had a morning full of photos with characters, attractions, and a delicious breakfast. We worked our way back to World Showcase shortly after noon, and found ourselves in the Italy pavilion (Fitting…Alyssa’s family is Italian). We had a few coins and made some wishes in the fountain. We got to talking about what we wished for. Alyssa wouldn’t say what her wish was, but at this point, I had pulled the ring from my bag, and held it enclosed in my hand. I then proceeded to tell her that I had wished to spend the rest of my life with her and opened my hand to reveal the ring.

She of course said yes, and my wish came true.

From the photographer, Aline Marin: We went to Little Five Points to do Alyssa and Ashley’s Engagement shoot on a Monday morning, the neighborhood was quite and lovely! We walked around their favorite spots as they knew exactly where to go. This place is special to them because it is where they used to live when they first met. I had a blast with these two lovely ladies and loved to hear all their stories, especially the one of how they proposed at Disney World and that they are both big Disney lovers. Such amazing and fun girls! I am so stoked to be their wedding photographer in the early fall this year and just can’t wait to hang out with them again! I promise you will smile through this entire session, because they are just so freaking adorable!

LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors

Photographer:  Aline Marin Photography
Location: Little Five Points

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

equality-minded LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors