This month, the state House of Texas will be discussing a proposed bill that, if passed, would give state-funded and private agencies the right to deny adoptions based on religious objections. Not only could religious differences impact the LGBTQ+ community,  it could also effect Muslims and Jews as well. 

Opponents to this proposed law are up in arms that perfectly qualified families would be turned away from giving children a safe,  loving home,  especially in a state that cited over 100 child deaths in child protective services last year alone.

According to Austin-based adoption lawyer Suzanne Busta, this law could also require children in the foster system to comply with the organization’s religious beliefs, meaning that foster youth could be denied birth control or forced into conversion therapy if they come out while at an agency that does not accept the LGBTQ community. 

Needless to say,  it’s time to get on the phone and call your representatives.