[title maintitle=”” subtitle=”Warm up your winter wedding with these from-the-heart wedding favors”]



Glitter-dusted ornament sparkle as wedding favors at winter weddings. | From modweddings.com | Gina Meola Photography via Ashley Gain Weddings

Warm their hearts as they’ve warmed yours with this DIY pine cone fire starter. Instructions at somethingturquoise.com.


Sweeten the element of gratitude with the gift of hot cocoa. Make your own drinkable wedding favors with this recipe at ruffledblog.com.


If your wedding takes place during super cold temps, send your wedding guests off with these blazing hot wedding favors of travel bottles of cinnamon whisky. | Source: candycakeweddings.com


Whether they’re homemade cookies or from the bakery, your wedding guests will love these winter-themed snowflake blue and white sugar cookies to take home from your winter wedding. Photo: feedyoursoul2.com