Makeup is not just for femme, cisgender women. It may not seem that way when you flip through pages of magazines or hit the beauty counter at the mall, but more than just cisgender female models wear makeup. A walk down the makeup aisle can be incredibly intimidating. What’s the best color for your complexion? What makeup can give you that no makeup look? What’s a good moisturizer to apply after shaving your face? How can you cover up those pesky zits? Those and many more questions are bouncing around in the head of makeup shoppers, and in a sea of bright colors and countless brands of cosmetics, it can be hard to know what’s best for you.

CoverGirl intrdouced their first CoverBoy in 2016, Maybelline featured makeup artist Manny MUA in a 2017 campaign, and every day more makeup tutorials targeted toward men and the gender nonconforming hit YouTube.

The beauty industry is taking note. Slowly but surely makeup is hitting the market that’s targeted toward transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, butch women and cisgender males.

Conceal, color correct, reduce shine and more with Formen, the makeup company created by men for men. All products are made in the United States and Canada.

Before Formen's Invisible Blotting Powder
Before Formen's Invisible Blotting Powder
After Formen's Invisible Blotting Powder
After Formen's Invisible Blotting Powder

Cover acne and scars, decrease oily shininess, look flawless with CC Cream and hydrate with anti-aging moisturizer, all part of Formen’s line of products. Available worldwide, because everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

“Beauty is yours to define and ours to celebrate.”

-David Stutz, Vice President of Education & Client Services and Sephora Diversity & Inclusion LGBTQ Community Lead

United Kingdom founded cosmetic company JECCA is dedicated to removing the gender stigma surrounding makeup. Boasting #makeuphasnogender on their homepage, JECCA currently offers cruelty-free, vegan concealer palettes in an array of shades. Correct & Conceal was specifically formulated to cover beard shadow, birthmarks and acne. The company donates 5% of sales to support Stonewall plans to introduce more makeup products in the future.

Fluide, a makeup collection describing itself as made for all gender expressions, gender identities and skin tones, was created in New York in 2018.

“Fluide was created with the belief that makeup is a tool of transformation and a powerful means of self-actualization,” shares the company’s site. “Inspired by our community, Fluide showcases radical, forward-thinking style.”

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The makeup is made in the United States and is free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde. A portion of all sales goes to non-profit organizations focused on LGBTQ health and advocacy.

Even makeup giant Sephora is expanding the inclusivity of their makeup services. The company has rolled out a new class called “Brave Beauty for the Transgender Community,” as part of their Classes for Confidence series. Operating on the mantra that “fearless is the new flawless,” Sephora offers classes to teach the techniques of makeup application.

“A class created especially for transgender or non-binary people to learn about techniques and products to fit and empower their beauty,” reads the class description. “Get skincare tips, find the best shades for your complexion, and create a flawless finish. All sessions are taught by trans-sensitive instructors. Friends, families, and allies are also welcome. 90 minutes.”

Better yet, it’s free! Click here to register for a class near you. If you don’t live near a Sephora location, fear not. Tutorials will also be available online.

“Beauty is yours to define and ours to celebrate,” says David Stutz, Vice President of Education & Client Services and Sephora Diversity & Inclusion LGBTQ Community Lead.  “Together we support and encourage bold choices, in beauty and in life.”