Makeup companies choose male models

Whoever said men shouldn’t wear makeup? In a time where a YouTube search for “male makeup” will bring you over 3.2 million results, popular makeup companies are taking note.

In October, makeup company CoverGirl announced YouTube star James Charles as their first CoverBoy to represent that company. Charles is the face of “So Lashy!” CoverGirl’s mascara for all lash types, and will continue to be added into advertisements and commercials.

Photo via Fortune
Photo via Fortune


Now, CoverGirl isn’t the only makeup company with a male model. Last March, Maybelline featured their first man on Instagram. The star of the post, Manny Gutierrez, is known to his over 2.2 million YouTube fans as Manny MUA. Now, Gutierrez has been featured in multiple Maybelline promo videos and was named “People Magazine’s””The Ultimate Influencer,” at their Ones to Watch party.

Male makeup model maybelline manny guiterrez
Photo via LGBTQ Nation

With more and more men trying their hand at makeup, we are bound to see a lot more men wearing makeup on their wedding day. Can’t decide on your wedding day makeup style? Check out these tips from beauty expert Victor Henao.