Is your wedding a formal event or are you interested in the idea of dressing up for your big day? It can be tough to make the decision between tuxedo or suit, but the most important part of the decision is that you choose something you look and feel the best in. 

The short answer to the question is that tuxedos are a more formal choice that a suits. If you are having a black tie wedding, you will want to wear a tuxedo. If you are having a formal wedding, a suit will work well. 

A tuxedo typically has satin. This satin appears on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim and trousers. Suits, on the other hand, do not have satin. The satin is the main factor in what makes the tuxedo appear to be dressier and more formal. 

What you want to wear underneath your jacket also will play a key deciding factor in whether you will want a tux or a suit for your big day. Suits are typically worn with a button-up dress shirt and long tie. While you can wear that with a tuxedo, tuxes are best paired with a bow tie, vest or cummerbund, and a french cuff shirt with wing-tip collar. This will give your tuxedo a formal look. 

tuxedo or suit
Tuxedo photo via Vittorio Menswear and Tuxedo

The footwear you choose for your wedding day also sets the tone for how formal you want your look to be. Tuxedos are typically paired with black patent leather shoes. Suits can be paired with loafers, Oxfords or even sneakers depending on the wedding style you and your partner are looking for. 

Photo via Quora
Photo via Quora


No matter what you choose to wear, the important factor is that you feel comfortable, confident and express your own individual style on your wedding day.