OMG, these kids are adorbs. If I didn’t have 4-year-old twins of my own, I’d say Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka‘s kiddos are the cutest! But they’re up in the ranks of some of the most promising pint-sized singers, for sure. Have a listen below from the preschoolers’ breakfast session in the gorgeous kitchen, where Gideon provides a rendition of the “Star Wars” theme and Harper starts singing “Good Morning” (from “Singin’ in the Rain”) and then a jingle about “My Little Pony.”

Harris’ husband, David Burtka, also makes a cameo in the viral clip.

Good morning, everybody!

Posted by Neil Patrick Harris on Thursday, October 8, 2015

My children “kinda fill me back up,” Harris recently told the Today show. “The kids are at a wonderful age where they want to hug and sit on your lap and show you things, and make stuff together.”

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Easter family photo

The Burtka-Harris fathers and their adorable kids on Easter 2015

“I’m just such a fan of them learning cool, clever things, whether it be fish in a fish tank and how they work, or letters, or building things … it’s really fun for me,” Harris said. “I forget how many things they’re supposed to learn.”


Family photo via NPH Instagram