We met through an online dating website. On our first date we met for drinks at a restaurant and then decided to go for a starlit walk through the nearby park. We stargazed and talked until 2 am, at which point it started raining and we both went back to our own homes.

On the very first date I realized that Sherry was special. We had so much in common and I couldn’t help but think about how our futures looked so similar. Then later, the first time I went through something difficult, Sherry was really there for me and helped me through it. I need someone in my life who can really be there for me and Sherry was that person.

I always tell Allison that I knew she was the one when she took my hand on our first date. It was so special to me that she would take the initiative to show affection, and she gave me butterflies. I thought to myself that this was someone special and I really wanted to be in a relationship with this person. Later, when I went away to teach in England for a year, I realized I didn’t want to live without Allison in my life.

Allison and I had talked about getting married for a long time before she proposed. We went out to lots of jewelry stores and picked out a ring together that we both loved (Allison is getting a tattoo instead of a ring, so it was only a ring for me). We both decided that Allison would propose because I knew that when I looked back in the years to come, I would want to tell our children about how Allison proposed to me. Having a proposal was not important to Allison so she decided she didn’t need for me to propose. It felt like forever waiting for the proposal. There were significant moments in our relationship when I thought she might propose but the dates came and went with no proposal. Then on Labor Day weekend Allison proposed. We had spent that day with close friends on the beach then went with our friends into town to have a nice dinner and ended up going on an impromptu horse and carriage ride.

Allison’s initial plan was to propose at sunset on the beach, but the dinner took too long and we weren’t able to make it back to the beach in time. Then her back up plan was that she was going to propose during the fireworks that were meant to happen that night, but there was too much wind and the fireworks were cancelled. Instead Allison and I went for a walk along the beach under the stars and she took out a sparkler to light. The sparkler wouldn’t light and we later found out that our close family friend had given it to her but it was a used sparkler and no one noticed. The sparkler wouldn’t light and after a few minutes of trying Allison still decided to propose. She told me how much she loved me and how she wanted to spend her life with me. She pulled out the ring and got down on one knee and asked me to marry her. Of course I said, “yes.” Then we went back up to our cottage where all of our close friends were waiting for us to tell them the wonderful news and we popped some champagne and ate cake.

Even though nothing went as planned for Allison, I still think it was the perfect proposal. She really put thought and attention into the things that had significant meaning to me. She made sure our close friends were there and that it was on one of my favorite times of year. She tried so hard to make it perfect and in the end it was perfect to me. Who could ask for more than a starlit proposal on the beach and celebrating with the people that you love?

We are already in the middle of planning our wedding and we’re very excited about our plans. We’re going to be married on a float in the pride parade in our city. We’ve found a flatbed truck and lots of friends who want to help us decorate. After the parade we’re going to go to my parents’ house by the beach for a second ceremony and reception. We have some family who are uncomfortable with a parade setting or unable to attend the parade but still want to see us get married so we’re having a second small ceremony on the beach and a dinner reception in my parents’ backyard. I would also like to have some sparklers (ones that work) for everyone. I’ve already found and ordered my dress. It’s a very simple dress but I’m having the skirt remade so that underneath the top 2 layers of white tulle will be strips of colored tulle to create a rainbow skirt. I’m also going to have a bouquet of paper flowers made for me and pulled from children’s picture books and a few pages from Harry Potter.

From the couple, Sherry and Allison

Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your LGBTQ+ Wedding

The location for the engagement session was at the park where Sherry and Allison had their first date. We had some fun romping around the park and on the bridge where they stayed and stargazed during their first date. Later on, Titan joined the pawrents for some cute pictures. Their love shined through and warmed each other even during the cold weather and through the pictures both fun and intimate.

From the photographer, Justin Hon of The Right Moments

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Photography: The Right Moments
Ring: “Center of My Universe” ring by Forevermark

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