If the “male” or “female” option is not the one you would prefer to check off for your license, you will soon have a third option in the state of Oregon. In addition to the male and female choices, you can also select “X” as your gender,  which stands for “not specified.” 

“The process of adding the X option was kicked off last summer by a court order from the Multnomah County Circuit Court after a judge ruled that Army veteran Jamie Shupe could legally change genders from female to non-binary,” according to CNN

The change takes effect July 3, so if you’re heading to the DMV that day, expect to wait in an even longer line than normal (if that’s even possible). 

If you plan to make a change to your ID more than a year before its renewal date, you will incur a fee.  

For more information check out the press release from the Oregon Department of Transportation